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How can I order? How do I select an object?

On the Start Page choose the desired product category (e.g. Flyer). Klick on the required size (e.g. A6). Then select the required item type (e.g. 300 g/m2 thick paper) as long as this is available. Select the desired product options (e.g. run and material for production). Now we suggest you to transfer your print data files direct (upload) to our order process system: by acting on the "Search Out" button you can add print data files direct as PDF, JPG or TIF + CMYK Colour Mode + 300 DPI, thus enabling your order to be efficiently drawn up. We shall take no responsibility for any wrong printing results and timing schedule changes due to differring print data files. By klicking on the button titled "In the Shopping Cart" the print data files are transferred and the product is added to the Shopping Cart with the desired options. We warn you not to stop this procedure and absolutely not to close browser window, for otherwise data transfer (upload) is interrupted and the order cannot be received by us. If required, data can be made available to us using an alternative system. That causes additional costs and possible timing schedule changes. When the desired object(s) is(are) in the shopping cart, the order can be concluded by klicking on "Checkout" as well as typing and checking the delivery and invoice address etc. In general, order receipt is confirmed within 1 hour by an automatically generated email, containing order details and number.

Good for printing / Proof?

When you request a print approval, a PDF view of the print file is uploaded. This allows you to identify and correct any errors before printing. Please note that the colours on your monitor are not binding. A proof printout is used for this purpose. The proof will be sent to you by post, so that you have an estimated result before printing. The proof should almost predict the colour accuracy. Please note that minor colour deviations can always occur.

How can I order / log in?

After you have set the required options, such as run and delivery conditions, the "Checkout" button allows to continue order process. You can now (or even any time earlier) log into the system with your access data or, if you are not yet one of our customers, you can log in as a new customer. In case of a new entry, you receive immediately an email with your password. However, you can change this password at any time in the "Customer Menu". After that order process goes on.

Order form and data transmission

While defining invoice and delivery address, you see a recapitulation of your order that you have to confirm for definitive completion of the order process.

What is going on after data transmission?

Order process is over and your order reached us. You are sent an order confirmation and your order status is visible at any time through your personal menu "My Maxiprint.ch". Should upload fail against your expectations, you can send us the data on an alternative way, by specifying order number / customer number / project name, while your order is already at our hands. Also in this case you can follow up your order status through your personal "My Maxiprint.ch" menu.

May I cancel or change an order?

Under the menu issue titled "My Maxiprint.ch" you can view at any time your order status. As "order received" we consider an order after achieved data transmission to us. After data transmission you still receive from us an order confirmation by email. Up to that time you can cancel your order without stating reasons. As soon as your order status changes to "Data supply completed", order cancellation is no longer possible. As "Data supply completed" we consider the order after that your data are at preprint / production stage. Maxiprint.ch take no responsibility for your data. Therefore, please keep to our instructions on how to create files to avoid incorrect results.

How do I find the desired product?

It is really easy: by acting on the relevant product group button, display the respective summary of our product range. Just klick to get detail view of the desired product. Here you can calculate straightway the prices of different options like runs and material for production, and finally issue an order.

May I get any discounts?

Yes. There are two possibilities at Maxiprint.ch to get discounts: one large scope of supply and / or advertising / imprint on the back of page. You are granted a discount starting from an adequate scope of supply at smooth processing of your orders.

Important: Since bonus calculation is done at each customer account, it is important that you always order with the same customer account.

In case of our Supersaver offers, one-side printings we grant you a price reduction, when the back of page is used for advertising. Location and current theme on the back of page shall be carried out direct by us.

Can I order runs other than the given ones?

Yes. In these cases prices are invoiced same as the immediately greater run from our price lists. For greater runs than the listed ones, we are ready to submit you an individual quotation. Simply call us on Service Line 0444 400 400.

Can I order flyer sizes other than the given ones?

Yes. Within price range there is a size other than the given one in the immediately larger size from our summary. Simply call us on Service Line 0444 400 400.

Are there any folds possible other than the given ones?

Yes. As a rule, printings can be worked out to suit your standards. Simply call us on Service Line 0444 400 400.

Which paper do Maxiprint.ch use?

Paper and product characteristics please refer to product detail view.

Are there any payment facilities beside payment in advance and PostFinance (Postcard, Visa, Mastercard)?

We suggest the payment per PostFinance (Yellownet, Visa, MasterCard): you can select this type of payment at the same time when you order, the goods are immediately manufactured. Upon agreement regular customers can order on account. To this end call us on Service Line 0444 400 400.

How are dispatched my goods?

In principle, goods are dispatched in order to be supplied on the following working-day at the selected delivery address/es.

How much does delivery cost?

By the way, delivery costs are dynamically calculated, depending on the weight of ordered goods, packing and delivery address and they are quoted separately before complete order definition.

Is it possible to supply abroad?

Yes. We invoice to your address in Switzerland or Liechtenstein and supply all over the world. To this end call us on Service Line 0444 400 400.

How do I create a print model?

For all objects from the detail view you find the exact sizes. Moreover, there is 2 mm trim outwards and another 2 mm inner edge distance to be considered.

Which programmes are suitable to create print models?

You need a programme including in addition to the layout functions the ability to produce or export a PDF, JPG or TIF file + CMYK Colour Mode + 300 DPI. We shall take no responsibility for any wrong printing results and timing schedule changes due to differring print data files. Suitable programmes are for instance Adobe InDesign, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, QuarkXpress, CorelDraw, Corel PhotoPaint, Macromedia Freehand and PageMaker. Whereas Microsoft programmes Word, Excel and PowerPoint proved as before unsuitable to create professional print data files.

Which file formats do Maxiprint.ch accept?

Maxiprint.ch cannot be held responsible anyhow for inexistent texts, missing graphics and other error causes. We prefer then PDF, JPG or TIF data + CMYK Colour Mode + 300 DPI. We shall take no responsibility for any wrong printing results and timing schedule changes due to differring print data files. JPG file format prevents common error causes, since all contents are linked in the file. Moreover, it is particularly fit for transfers on Internet thanks to its good compression rate. As a matter of facts, TIF data or printable PDF data are counted among the preferred data file formats. They must be all exclusively conceived with 300 DPI and as CMYK (in other words, no RGB data). As for PDF data files please note, there might exceptionally be some problems when printing (for instance due to incorrect PDF generation or white overfullness) for which we take no responsibility.

What is a trim edge?

According to production requirements data must be conceived larger by 2 mm in all directions than the later on supplied results. These 2 mm are cut off after printing. This is specially done so that graphic elements reach out to flyer edge to avoid having them shortened after cut, due to technical tolerances, or a white rim remaining visible.

Any screens applied to texts in JPG format?

Yes. Texts lost somewhat sharpness through JPG format, therefore it is almost guaranteed, that everything is printed according to your preparation, if you have saved it with sufficient trim (2 mm) and inner distance (2 mm) from end size as well as in CMYK witt 300 DPI.

Why data must be set up in CMYK Colour Mode?

CMYK mode is the usual standard in printing industry. We use the expression full colour when printing colours Cyan (light blue), Magenta (pink), yellow and key colour (black). Four-colour printing is another definition, although it describe the same process.

Why may we expect problems with data in RGB Colour Mode?

RGB mode applies to screen colours: red, blue and green image points out of which a screen forms colours. This colour area is suitable for applications with a view to screen representations. But the CMYK mode and the RGB mode used on printing are by no means equivalent. Colours appearing bright on the screen in RGB mode may turn out to be faked when printing after the conversion to CMYK. So please use only CMYK mode for Maxiprint printings.

Which resolution / setting up shall I use when saving my file?

We suggest you to use all data with minimum 300 DPI resolution. A lower value than 300 DPI resolution causes quality loss.

Assuming that elements (for instance logos) from Internet are used to draw up a printed document, the relevant result due to Internet current resolution amounting "only" to 72 DPI is generally linked to massive quality reductions, appearing for instance in the image as "notch" or "step" effects.

Saving through back page advertising / imprint. How does it work?

On one-side flyers we grant you a price reductions, when we are allowed to print our own Maxiprint.ch advertisement on the back of page. To this purpose, klick on Supersaver in the product summary. Advertisement theme and location is carried out by us.

When do Maxiprint.ch supply?

You can get the expected shipping time from the calculator in the product detail view.

When should my model arrive at Maxiprint.ch, so that I may receive the ordered printed products as soon as possible?

You can place an order online at any time, seven days a week, 24 hours a day, and send us your data through the upload integrated in the order process. You can get the expected delivery time from the calculator in the product detail view.

Do Maxiprint.ch print also other products than the products quoted on the Web site?

Yes and no. In view of periodically repeated orders we are ready to submit individual quotations. For our regular customers we manufacture as a rule also products, that are not to be found under Maxiprint.ch. We are deeply sorry to say that inquiries about products outside our production range and / or not coming to us from our regular customers and / or not requiring regular manufacture, shall not be considered every time. Simply call us on Service Line 0444 400 400.

I am not satisfied with supply. How do I complain?

There are only 2 things, that are important for Maxiprint.ch: One is the customer, the other is product. If one takes care of the customer, he will come back. If one takes care of product, it will not come back. We are only satisfied when our customers are satisfied with us. That is why we attach importance to uncomplicated solutions for your complaints. Please keep your order number ready and simply call us on Service Line 0444 400 400, or use our contact form and describe the reason for your complaint or in the particular case, when the complaint concerns a printed product / print errors of all types, please send us a few objected samples with a brief explanation letter and your telephone number to:

Maxiprint.ch AG
Complaint to order number…
Sihlbruggstrasse 105a

6341 Baar

When do I get Maxiprint.ch on the phone?

You will reach us on Service Line 0444 400 400 as follows:

Monday to Friday
8:15 am to 12 noon - 1:30 pm to 5 pm
Friday to 4 pm

Can I collect the ordered goods at Maxiprint.ch?

In principle we dispatch the ordered goods to the given delivery address(es) as soon as possible. To collect goods at Maxiprint.ch is not possible.







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