Customer testimonials

Everything’s OK! Easy Internet order, friendly team, good prices and quick delivery. Thank you so much, please carry on!

Daniel H., Vice President A.C.E.L.

Today we were handed over flyers dispatched from you, showing a misprint. Your collaborator (sorry to say I do not remember his name any longer) offered me very kindly to reprint these flyers or cancel the invoice. I think that’s really super service made available by you at a sensational price.

Thanks.Dani K., ENGADINE/Scuol Tourismus,

Thanks a lot for your smashing collaboration, it actually keeps working at our end!

Thomas A. B., Entrepreneur

Many, many thanks! Simply perfect!

Markus S., Head of Promotion

With Maxiprint I save every year over 20000 CHF without quality losses.

Thanks! Manfred W., Entrepreneur

Great! Thank you very much… I appreciate it.

Olivier F., Club Manager

Thank you very much. We would like to thank you once again for the prompt and correct execution of our order. That our very first order, being more than urgent, could be executed so accurately, has convinced us totally. We will be glad to revert to Maxiprint also in future. Herewith enclosed we are sending you with our compliments…

Vanessa H., Product Manager

Maxiprint rules… …it was real top class! P.S. I have rarely been so wonderfully surprised, thank you! Nice to get such a back-up!

Christian S., Manager

First class performance so quickly makes everyone happy! Once again superservice by MAXIPRINT!!!

Sandro G., Executive

Wow, having business with you is just perfect, everything’s always running smoothly. Thanks!

Sharon F., Mass Media Consultant

Among all the greater you are the greatest!

Alon R., Advertising Technical Artist

Many thanks for the incredible visit cards.

Martin S., Graphic Expert

Super service of yours! THANKS A LOT!!!

Arlette R., Project Management

Thank you very much for your timely information. The stickers were received today and postcard data should be still advised within today. I look forward to a future good collaboration.

Christian H., Politician

I just want to thank you for your work and also let you know that we enjoy it so much to receive your prompt delivering. We plan today or tomorrow to send you our next art work.

Joel E., Managing Director

Just a few words to let you know we are very happy with the flyers, they look quite good, in style and information. You read them with much delight, they do not only deserve one quick look. Thank you once again for the good collaboration. As soon as we need another one, I will come back to you.

Peter A., Culture Manager

Many thanks for prompt and professional execution. With pleasure I will have soon resort to the services you perform.

Tiziano D., Musketeer

Thanks for superservice. Have been keeping the control band on all day now. It works very good.

Bruno S., Entrepreneur

We chanced to be supplied by Maxiprint several times with flyers and brochures. Price-performance ratio is top level, service and advise as well and delivery regularly takes place promptly and to our utmost satisfaction.

Luis P., Entrepreneur

I would like to thank you once again for the collaboration and support afforded during the production of our flyers. Duplex printing is very good-looking (at the beginning I actually was somewhat sceptic) and till now the echo about flyers was unanimously positive.

Matthias B. M., Project Leader

May I heartily thank you for your engagement! Glad to submit our guild your indications, I will surely put in a super word for you. You will hear from me. Your prices and quality are the real hit.

Martina D., Project Leader

Postcards came out smart. Once again hearty thanks for the good and uncomplicated collaboration.

Pascale S., Graphic Expert

Merci for rapid achievement… This cannot be disregarded by a perfectionist! Many thanks… I am happy about our collaboration.

Ruth E., Culture Manager

Wow, it is just fantastic! I am very impressed by your engagement! This is really very good! Thank you heartily in advance! Next week I will go to our shipping manager with your proposal, so that we may find the best possible solution when mailing next time. Hearty thanks for the complete explanations! This is actually super service! Of course I am going to spread information, all will know how much you engage yourselves on our behalf!

Kirstin D., Project Leader






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