Development of Maxiprint


LZ Medien acquire 100 % of shares of AG: Geri Müller becomes the new Managing Director, new Chairman Erwin Bachmann. The promoters Marcos Gonzalez and Ingo Grünig remain in the company Board of Directors.


Maxi’s birth: AG present their new mascot.


Maxiprint GmbH turn to new AG. move their location to Baar. LZ Medien Holding have a share of 35 %: Marcos Gonzalez is Chairman and Managing Director of the company.

January 2005

Introduction of Service Line 0444 400 400.

December 2004

Extended payment facilities for Visa or MasterCard.

November 2004

Integration of new products (for instance wine-mats and slipmats).

Fall 2004

Permanent increase of assortment according to customers’ requirements. In particular, lesser minimum runs, organisation of product fields Flyers, Posters, Brochures, Smartcards, Access Control Bands, Beer-Mats.


A fully operational Beta Version of the complete brand-new issue of is online. provide customers with selection variety, self-searching through wide assortment, detailed information on Order History and further functions.

2004 present as main sponsor the twelve times World Champion in Thai Boxing and Andy-Hug Double, Azem Maksutaj.


Planning of the new Online Shop Building reconstruction in Neuhausen am Rheinfall to double the factory area to round 250 with 2 meeting rooms.Installation of a completely new E-data processing infrastructure adapted to receive up to 10 workstations.

2002 to 2004

Every year the number of collaborators increased by one person.


Direct order online of standard products is possible. Activity transferred from Grünig&Gonzalez Handelsgesellschaft to Maxiprint GmbH. Both personnel and infrastructure are completely taken up.


Establishment of Maxiprint GmbH. Protection of denomination "Maxiprint" as registered trade-mark. The staff increases to four people after taking on a new collaborator entrusted to supply printings. Purchase of a transport van with over one ton payload.


Acquisition of new and wider office rooms in Rundbuck industrial area in Neuhausen am Rheinfall.

1999 are online as the first Internet printing shop of Switzerland.


Use of handwritten style and rising letter stroke of Maxiprint logo. After almost two years’ activity in form of a simple enterprise, Grünig&Gonzalez Handelsgesellschaft are established. Order volume keeps on growing in course of time.


Early 1996 activities developed further in the home-made renewed offices without windows in the heart of old Schaffhausen.


Aged 16 and 17 Marcos Gonzalez and Ingo Grünig start with their first intermediations of printed material orders. Thanks to interesting, customer dedicated services and market performances both young entrepreneurs achieve a constantly increasing number of customers, practically acquired by exclusive word-of-mouth advertising. News about top quality and an attractive price-performance ratio not excluding each other rapidly spreads out. As a matter of fact, the two promoters avail themselves of a large connection network, related in particular to the Swiss lively music field, which contributes to further extend production and delivery quickness to other fields of activities.







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