We know who requests / what is wanted from us.

  • We know our customers’ requirements.
  • We are trustworthy.
  • With us effective and fair business is possible.
  • We offer security.
  • We inform actively and provide further help.

Everybody is entrepreneur and strives after success.

  • What is useful to the customer is our success.
  • We take upon ourselves responsibility and competence.
  • We undertake also what appears impossible.
  • Everybody develops one’s potentiality gradually.

We assert ourselves in competition.

  • We attain high level aims.
  • We concentrate energies.
  • We trade in full awariness of costs.
  • We organise lean processing.

Technological progress is our motive power.

  • We focus our sales on E-Commerce.
  • We implement experiences from research permanently.
  • We are in the heart of technology, we keep up with times.
  • We differentiate through innovation.

Our ecological environment is important to us and our families.

  • We engage ourselves for our nature.
  • We avoid loadless transports.
  • We attach great importance to the optimised use of paper waste.






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