Privacy and Data Protection

For the preservation of your privacy is an absolute priority. It is our constant effort to assure you of utmost secrecy and security.

Use of your personal data

Once your personal data (e.g. name, address, payment data) are advised to us, we process them exclusively for purposes related to our business relations and within our company group. For instance, if you have subscribed to our Newsletter, we will then use your email address to mail you updated information. None of your personal data (e.g. email address, name, profiles, etc.) will be forwarded to a third party, unless this is required in direct or indirect connection with production, delivery or payment of goods. Subject to your approval and within our company group we will use your data to inform you in future about new products and other novelties of our offer. You can withdraw your approval at any time.

Customer information recorded

After order conclusion your customer information can be recorded by us for a long time.


While improving for you the use of, as most of Internet Services do, we apply the so-called cookies. Cookies are part of browser software and store data concerning your use of website to your hard disk. That enables us to recognize the computer by which you use For usage by debit or credit cards the activation of cookies is imperative. When cookie acceptance is activated, data among others like SessionID, first name, last name, email address, can be stored in a cookie. These data are required to identify you during your visit and, apart from your visit, are no longer processed.

Most browsers accept cookies automatically. You can modify your browser settings, so that cookies are not accepted or accepted only by your previous approval.

So you activate cookie function:

The procedure to activate cookies depends on your browser:

Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.x:
Menu: Extras / Internet Options / Security / Internet / Adapt level / Accept cookies saved - Activate" and "Accept cookies each section - Activate" -> OK

Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.x: Menu: Extras / Internet Options / Data Protection / Advanced / Remove automatic cookie processing / "Accept cookies from originating servers / Always permit session cookies -> OK

Security at Online Shopping

To execute transactions have taken safety measures. The Online Shop provides security for transactions via Internet, namely including:
Password Safety (The execution of transactions is only possible by entry of a valid combination of username and password).
SSL Encryption (For safe transfer of your personal data there is a SSL encryption available to you at the Online Shop).
Firewall Technology (Data recorded on systems are protected by Firewall Technologies from unauthorised access).
SSL Encryption / Certificate (The optional SSL encryption (Secure Socket Layer) protects data flow on transfer between your browser and the Online Shop).

Information to be protected

For the transfer of highly sensitive data we use a SSL encryption.

Key strength

According to programme and language version of your browser a SSL encryption of 40 or 128 bit is used.


To purchase at and/or be able to use one of the Infosystems, you are invited to enter a password. Please remember, it is your responsibility to have this password protected from the access of unauthorised people.







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