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Brochures, magazines, catalogues

Brochures, magazines, catalogues

A magazine can have a range of different papers. The focus on a target group is commonly known from professional trade magazines. In the meantime many companies are starting to publish their content in the form of an appealing booklet. This has many advantages and it creates scope for related or supplementary topics. Anyone who has respect for this demanding task can save a lot of stress in the production with the right partner. A magazine should be printed by an experienced printing house. Print magazines at Maxiprint.ch. Order online now! Employee or customer magazines are outdated, those who keep up with the times produce a magazine for their company and impressively ensure that it’s not just the products and services that are put into perspective, but there is also enough space for the company philosophy and market attributes. If you have discovered the trend of printing magazines for your company, you can also cleverly create attractive refinancing opportunities. Designing advertisements, paid PR articles or the integration of a photo series can amortize the production costs from editing to printing. Start today and create a list with your suppliers, subcontractors, competitors or other companies in your field. You will be amazed by how many contacts you can find for creating the company magazine. Tip: Also, extension of your contents to other channels like blogs, online portals or target group-specific websites is quickly arranged. If you get your magazine printed from professionals like Maxidruck.ch, you can also create an eBook with the information and in terms of channel marketing you will be well positioned. Besides: Many publishers have already appreciated the benefits at Maxiprint.ch. We look forward to welcoming you. If you are creative, Maxiprint.ch will take care of the processing. Order online now! As you know the first step is often the most difficult. But once you have the editorial plan for your magazine, you have a schedule and you can start. With the pattern of Maxiprint.ch even the framework conditions for creating the data are given and you can start the implementation topic by topic. For a new issue it is recommended to start with a small number of pages, at Maxiprint.ch you can get a magazine printed for as little as 4 pages. While planning just note that the total number of pages you want must always be divisible by four and then everything is well prepared for printing. Depending on the thematic focus, processing in glossy or matte look is recommended, but sometimes it is just a matter of taste. It would be best to take a look at the different product features on the Maxiprint.ch webpage and find the suitable product for your publication. Tip: Also see the different processing options for the binding. Decide if you want stapling or eyelet binding. Where and how will your magazine be used and which purpose should it fulfil? How should it be processed or handed out? Do package bands make sense in some prints? Some producers can surely print a magazine but Maxiprint.ch goes one step ahead and provides assistance in all the tasks related to the magazine. When can we see you?







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