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Business cards

Business cards

When you first meet a potential customer, exchanging visiting cards sets a good note. So, information is exchanged fast, wrongly noted names or email addresses are passé and by forwarding the personal telephone number with direct line, the new customer has the feeling of being important to you! Also ordered for the colleagues. Order several types at one go at Maxiprint.ch! The new employees for the sales force have been fixed? Congratulations! Then the first step has already been taken with the personnel decisions. Whereas the next weeks are surely a sign of product trainings and introduction in the relevant distribution area, visiting cards with personnel data now belong right at the top of the ToDo list for the marketing- or the personnel department. How quickly that is forgotten in the course of daily business. How good that with Maxiprint.ch, there is a provider who has an unbeatable characteristic in addition to an excellent quality: Speed. You get the desired goods via express if you want or even overnight and are guaranteed to be prepared when the inevitable question comes for a visiting card. Practical: Maxiprint.ch offers printing different types with same requirements in one order only. Before entering your online order, check once again and consider, for which of your colleagues you can order a new set of visiting cards. A couple of clicks later, you have already ticked all the necessary activities and can move back to other tasks. Warm welcome to Maxiprint.ch! Nothing is more inexpensive. Order visiting cards online now at Maxiprint.ch! A comparison to the type and price of different providers makes it quickly clear: Maxiprint.ch is right at the front as regards price. A remarkable address in times of tight budgets! Order your visiting cards immediately from the comfort of your computer and also save time for annoying trips to the regional printer or copy shop. Those who desire a high-quality offset printing on visiting card paper, will find Maxiprint.ch interesting. All the information is simply requested online over here. You must fill the necessary fields and send the data upload for the design of your cards. Be it classical visiting cards in the 55 x 85 cm format or doubled visiting cards - Maxiprint.ch prints the advertising medium, which you like best. Try it now! Maxprint.ch has no closing hours. You can order your printed matter here round the clock and are in a position to check the actual status at any time after you login. Practical? Maxiprint.ch! What is your favourite visiting card? Maxiprint.ch delivers easily, fast & reliably! Which font excites you most? There is certainly a typeface for your business, your club or your institution? Compare this at best with the long list at Maxiprint.ch and also decide for the suitable carton for the occasion. You will find different thicknesses for the paper and can decide is you want it to be more fine or a bit more robust. Depending on the focus or the theme, a visiting card paper can speak something about the philosophy of your products and services and this way gives out unconscious signals to the receiver. If decisions are close, the correct visiting card can tip the scales. Which carton is your favourite?







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