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Business cards fold type (open: 170x55 mm, closed: 85x55 mm)

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double-business cards are foldable business cards (55x170 mm) foldedin the middle to the closed, final size (55x85mm)

Business cards fold type (open: 170x55 mm, closed: 85x55 mm) from

A proven means to stand out from the crowd is using folded business cards. While there is limited space in a simple version and at best printing on both sides can give more information, the advertising space in a folded business card is much bigger. If used properly, apart from the information there is also a space for an advertising message. Everything can find a place here. Order folded business cards now at Long company names, several functions or just long double names can justify the use of a folded business card. The recipient will be pleased to receive the business card because it is possible in this way to get a glimpse of all the necessary information. Use the folded business cards and get structure in your text. On the left you can have the company name with the logo, the person’s name and the contact details like a direct line and email of the person can be placed inside on the right side. If you choose the high-quality offset paper by you will get textural accents. Go online now and take an overview of the different paper qualities and features in printing. Please use the option of ordering a paper sample and in this way you can easily find your personal favourite paper. The sample book will be sent by A-Post and will reach you very soon. And who knows, you might discover other paper qualities that are particularly suitable for making a flyer, a placard or a brochure. is anxious to know your choice. Maxiprint prints folded business cards. Just order business card boxes online. You don’t always get the opportunity to personally hand over your business cards. That is why sometimes giving more information is a part of this practical advertising medium. With a folding business card from the house of you can easily solve the challenge of accommodating more text. Use the option of printing business card boxes and create awareness wherever useful for your products and services. At the exhibition stand of a friendly company, on the sales counters of a provider that appeals to target audience or in the front section of taxis, to name a few examples. The more business cards you bring to the public, the greater is the chance of getting new customers. When the message and quality are consistent, success will follow soon. If you choose you also ensure that the printing result is good. Take a sample and get to know the product range online. It is very simple: Switch on the computer, go to and find your desired product. Then just place the order by entering some information and upload the data. This is how folded business cards are printed today. When can we work for you? Folded business cards guarantee a good impression. Just order online now at Only a few seconds are enough to make the first impression. If want to use these seconds cleverly we advise you to use folded business cards. prints these mini four page cards in different qualities and ensures that you are well received. Just go online and see the different paper thicknesses in sizes 240, 300, 350 or even 400 gram. It is definitely the right choice for your business cards. And the print runs speak for themselves. You can even order 250 cards online. Those who travel often will want a big batch. That is not a problem with the prices of