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The mail always arrives in a standard mailing envelope, it is obvious. Wouldn’t it be a good idea to make a good impression at the first glance? Or to pique the curiosity about the content with a message? Even if you choose a neutral processing with the professionally printed company logo, you can differentiate yourself from your competition and increase the chance of getting preferential treatment in the preference of the observer. If you choose to print envelopes it shows a professional attitude and you need not invest a lot of money than what is required for a standard envelope. Printing envelopes is a sales strategy: offers a wide selection Envelopes, writing paper and personal visiting cards are a part of the non-verbal communication of a company. If someone holds an envelope that is pleasant to touch, he can correctly sense within seconds what the content holds for him. Often this material quality is used for invitations and high-quality information. You can cleverly use these associations of the recipient for your corporate communication: There are many ways to ensure that the recipient opens the post at his house with pleasure and expectation. An effective teaser on the front or the back that builds suspense, a specific colour to be noticed first in the flood of the daily post and many other marketing strategies can ensure that your post is definitely received. Provided that you take some time for preliminary consideration and design and get your envelope printed. At you can find the right envelopes for your cover letter, invoices and press releases. Get convinced online. Everything under one roof. Printing envelopes is a part of the fantastic Mailing Service at Are you planning a mailing and you want to print envelopes for it? That is a great idea. In addition to the individual touch you can show your recipients that you place the greatest value on professionalism. The same is true for your printing house, that is why there is a special service for mailings: You can also book the Lettershop at the same time. Everything as usual online, fast and flexible. If you want to produce your leaflet or your flyer at the same time, you can deliver the complete mailing, the advertising media is assembled directly in every individual envelope and if requested it is already sealed. Anything that remains is to be done by the postal service. The labelling and franking are completed fast and new products, Newsletter or other company news can be on the way to the recipient. A tip: Wherever there are daily newspapers and publishers, there is an option to deliver your regional post from their own distribution centres. Even the pre-sorting according to the postal code areas is done by the publishers without any additional cost. The post itself even in case of Infopost often costs half the regular cost of the post. Please contact a regional publisher for more information and submit an offer. After that click on the page of and learn about the different formats and components that can be processed in different time frames. You will save lots of time and nerves, we promise you that. We look forward to your visit.







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