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Leaflets / Folded brochures as wrapped fold or zick-zack fold offer a wide range of possible applications.

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Leaflets can have different requirements. The specification of a product with its features also finds its place on a leaflet such as giving information to customers, the insert in your mailing to the interested parties or special information for your employees. Print leaflets at Order online now! Pizza delivery, event flyers, product presentation, specific flyers for a Guerilla campaign, the applications for individual leaflets are almost infinite. Depending on the fold you can print leaflets and create an interesting sequence for the registration of information for the observer. An A6 end format can have 12 pages and is perfectly suitable for the combination of large-format image and text blocks. Which format do you choose? Or do you need help in choosing? On you will not only find the suitable format for your project of printing a leaflet but even many material qualities which would not have occurred to you till now. How about an offset paper, a recycled paper or a picture printing paper of different weights? Shiny, matte? What is your preference? leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to printing leaflets. Click now and order online. You will get the delivery within a few days. Parallel folds or zigzag folds Print leaflets online at Depending on the choice of the fold a product or a service can be presented. It is best to first consult your graphic designer and probably you can together pick up suggestions from the standardised printed products at Apart from the materials the variety of formats and variations in processing are appealing. Why do all that? Overlapping images that explain right after opening the fold or word play can transform a simple leaflet to a real communication experience. If someone experiences joy in discovering the information, he saves it much easily and intuitively connects it with your company, your brand. If you think you can simply print leaflets from the printer in the office you might learn something looking at the product range and fair prices at A printed leaflet must be convincing just like other advertising media through its design and printing quality. Spill-over effects are assured - the recipient of the leaflet will definitely remember a high quality leaflet. Print leaflets and please order online at When it comes to leaflets, many Copyshops claim that they can provide leaflets of equally good quality just like a professional printer. But beware: The comparison with professionals is often wrong. If you have ever held a offset print on a premium paper with finishing, you will surely know that it can never be replaced by a copy. Even in the paper quality and the processing the copy shops cannot give you the variety which a professional printer like can. With the automation of many production steps in the category of printing leaflets variations can be offered which are unique in this form. Get convinced and see how the process of printing leaflets can be developed and implemented. You are in good hands here - we promise.