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PVC stickers

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PVC stickers from Maxiprint are weatherproof, durable, and almost indestructible stickers

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As compared to indoor versions, PVC stickers have a distinct tensile strength; they withstand wind and the weather and stick very well to clean surfaces. Those who want to affix temporary labels outdoors or want to place notification signs, will be well advised to use this high-quality sticker. A must for each tourist marketer. Order PVC sticker now at Maxiprint! Who does not know them? “I love Lucerne” or “Matterhorn, the mountain calls” with the relevant graphics of the tourism locations adorn the rear or glass windows of motor vehicles. Vacationers normally identify themselves so much with “their” place, that they make corresponding commitment while going for a drive in the car and so also ensure that even other people in the traffic know about it. That makes this one of the most popular advertising means of every tourism marketer. If the quality is up to the mark, such a sticker will ensure for long that a special message is conveyed through the country. Because once it is stuck, it is not removed for a long time. In addition to excellent quality, also offers easy handling, fair prices and quick delivery. So those who have to order a give-away here, is well cared for here. Test now. Your PVC stickers are just a few clicks away from you:! Reverse pressure ensures visibility from the inside of glass. produces PVC stickers even has a matching product if you want to mount it for advertising on the inside of a glass. That can be used for designing display windows and also for car windscreen. Service numbers and safety instructions never go out of the focus of the viewer and are always at your fingertips, if required. Take a look online at the formats which you can order. The transparent, self-adhesive material becomes a particularly clever advertising medium by this processing and belongs to the more discreet forms of implementation. PVC stickers should be printed by professionals, that is if you value your vehicle? But also, when it is a question of fixing of other glass surfaces, the sticker should be of such material which stocks well but which can also be removed easily. You will fund such a thing at We are looking forward to your order! Now, order guerilla campaign online at! PVC stickers are weather-resistant and stick very well! The tighter the budget, that much catchy the advertising campaigns should be. How about a sticker campaign which comes to be identified as a “Fan” by a scout? Consumers can organise stickers with their company logo in cooperation with a radio station or an Internet video blogger, and must always stick these on bicycles, bicycle baskets or such. As it is an outdoor campaign, it must be a robust PVC sticker, which you can order at favourable prices at The procedure is very simple and you will get the desired product after a very short time. Now, you only have to determine the game mode and the cooperation with the daily press. Offer attractive prizes so that attention to your PVC sticker campaign is guaranteed.