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sample book of papier

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sample book of papier from

Which is the best paper to use for my flyer? What are the differences of individual strengths? Those who have advertising material produced, have to make tricky decisions – finally, the end result should have the best quality and should be suited to the company and the products. Those who use paper sample as a decision-making aid, are well advised. In addition to the optics, even the haptics play a decisive role. Paper samples ease decision-making. delivers free copies at home! Those who have avoided online orders so far because they were not sure of the quality that will be delivered to them, there’s good news now: Paper samples from allow a complete overview of the qualities used there frequently. You get all the standard papers form the range with the image print free via post! Using this shipment, you can also make an image as to which fonts to use at The handy format with dimensions 210 x 105 mm can be used for long thanks to the high value processing. What a saving of effort! Everything that you need to do to get hold of this practical sample book is conceivably simple. Visit us online and create a user account. Then, simply enter the paper sample option in the search field and place the article in the shopping cart. After this free ordering process is activated, your personal, free copy will be on its way to you! Online order with safety aspect: makes sure that you choose correctly with free paper sample! Different advertising materials have different requirements from the paper qualities, because of their use. Whereas a flyer or a brochure has to be more robust for being used in an exhibition, every gram counts in direct mailing. Those who do not take care here can find postage to be very expensive. The highest value for the standard dispatch for an info post is 20g. Nevertheless, flyers, letters and response elements must be mailed together to generate maximum rate. The components must also be of a somewhat lighter paper quality, without appearing cheap. Which paper qualities are to be used to best realise that can be found out very quickly with a paper sample from the house of Use this practical sample book and test the materials assembled therein for their quality. Then there will surely be nothing wrong with the next production! You only need a few clicks are required and the desired paper samples will be delivered to your house free of cost. Try it now and have the desired booklet sent to you! Paper sample creates unanimous preferences. Now, order online free of cost at! Decision-making in marketing- and advertising are mostly team decisions. And wherever several people come together, there are several opinions. That also goes for realising printed material. Whereas theoretical discussions frequently go round in circles, a paper sample can offer a good basis for controversial discussions. Try it now and order the paper sample booklet free of cost from Surprise your colleagues or employees in the next meeting with excellent preparation. A tip: Invite the reason for meeting for a blind test and let some colleagues describe the respective quality. That creates a good mood and allows objective assessment of the haptics.