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Maxiprint is your reliable and fast printing company for your smartcards (55x85mm) with round corners, and options such as signature field. Chip (such as RFID), magnetic stripe, photo.

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They have become very familiar and useful to us. Plastic cards help customers to tie up, are useful information carriers, open electronically secured doors by means of magnetic field. Many companies have had plastic cards printed and thereby provide a special service to their clients. Information always accessible. Printing plastic cards at When there is an accident on the road, the nerves of the driver are often fully blank. The mind goes blank, the pulse is racing and even though one knows theoretically what to do, those in the accident are frequently incapable of taking any action. How nice that the plastic cards by TCS and Rega in the wallet match and all the necessary information is at hand. Therefore, getting plastic cards printed is not just a good service offer for many companies, but it also gives clients a feeling of security and of being connected. After the first shock, when the processing is effortless and pleasant, customers feel confortable and will reward it with loyalty contract. But plastic cards are not just interesting for companies that offer services like insurance, breakdown helpers or health insurance funds. With, even IT or telecommunication service providers are well served. Here, you can order prepaid cards from 5000 pieces, which are delivered with PIN codes, scratch fields, serial numbers and plastic cases. While the front side is printed fully in colour, information is printed as usual on the back side in black! Is there more service? Now, compare the attractive offers in the category of plastic cards and find the card that you like. Printing plastic cards. With, more security in the working place. Check online now! Did you know that you do not have to fall back on paper or cardboard nametags for a conference? Especially, if there are follow-up events in a year, producing a first-class plastic card makes sense. Equipped with name and ID number, lecturers, security and organizers can be identified and equipped in a first-class manner. You can use the cards again and again. They are far more robust that the comparable pendants in paper form! Already, copies starting from 300 pieces can be personalised and ordered at Tip: When you print plastic cards as personnel in-charge, you can define specific work areas for specific persons using additional magnetic fields. That can make sense in hospitals or in research or there where it is a question of securing danger zones or secrecy. Take a look online at and find the correct card for your requirement! It is very simple to do: Enter data in the existing raster, specify the requirements and please pay attention to the data check option. Those who want to be sure before the printing that the fine data has been set up correctly, set your tick mark at the corresponding position and have your proof sent via email. The production proceeds after the approval and you receive your cards a short time later. Please note: The more the requirements are for your card, please factor in that much more time for the production. You can find all related information at Now click and start! All the best!







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