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Street posters, posters, plots

Street posters, posters, plots

They have long been part of the cityscape and serve companies well. Whereas years ago, columns belonged to the classical platforms for billboards, there are numerous other options now to connect the individual advertising media to one another. Mobile devices and digital placards have been frequently, cleverly connected with one another and make it possible to calculate success exactly. Multi-Channel marketing has therefore has also arrived in the poster range! It is time for your campaign. You have the ideas, Maxiprint.ch delivers the billboards! Billboards, which are ideally produced for requirements of marketers like Out-of-Home at APG or Clearchannel, simply order online at Maxiprint.ch. No matter whether wet posting, digital display, airport advertising or mounting on columns: All the common platforms, like F4, F12, F200, F24, F24L and F200L are kept ready for you here. What are you waiting for here. You campaign starts in a short time. Because in addition to a lot of know-how, the professional printer also scores with smooth processes and is thus in a condition to deliver the desired advertising medium in the shortest time. It is conceivably simple: They delivery the data for designing your desired billboards in the specified format via upload and fulfil the specified raster with information like delivery address and campaign number. Everything else is taken care of by Maxiprint.ch. A tip: Those who have created a customer profile, can check the status of their order at any time online. Practical, right? No long queries, no time-consuming telephone calls. One click and the information is ready. This is how modern printing works today. When can we expect to invite you at Maxiprint.ch? Into perspective: Billboards for Citylights! Maxiprint.ch prints quickly and inexpensively. Their great hour is in the darkness. Those who decide for placing their billboards in the form of citylights in the outdoor advertising, depends on the evening- or morning hours. Waiting times at the bus stops or at the station get a diversion, consumers inevitably fall under the spell of advertising messages. By their backlighting, these billboards offer a special eye-catcher and also create a friendly ambient. Even airports offer popular advertising options, which put the corresponding products and services into the right perspective for the travellers. Maxiprint.ch prints your desired placards in full colour in digital- and offset design and delivers directly to your marketer. As regards the final artwork of your data, please make sure that a Mutterlitho file is required in the format 245 x 350 mm. You would be best advised to use the data check option, to full make sure that the format and colour values match. In addition to the check by Maxiprint.ch, you naturally also get a proof sheet, which you can comfortably check online. Or receive a proof by post. You will be astonished how quick such a process can take place. Get to know us better at the same time and place us on the test stand. Maxiprint.ch is happy to receive you order! Sex and the City. Billboards ensure targetted attention. Maxiprint.ch online When are you finally going on the road with your products? Outdoor advertising is sexy and is well received! Whether the scope is small or large - an outdoor campaign pays for all companies. Inform yourself today about the many options and place your message effectively in front of the public. You will be astonished what a few billboards can achieve. And with Maxiprint.ch, you can also provide implementation. Promise!







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